Supporting your relationship through Covid 19

As this event unfolds we recognize the increased stress that many of us are feeling due to the uncertainty of the impact of Coronavirus on our own lives and those we love. This stress can challenge our relationships in numerous ways. Perry King, one of our team here at Couples Therapy NZ was interviewed by Mindfood and offered advice on being in self isolation with your partner and another on caring for your kids during lockdown

Furthermore a colleague of ours at The Couples Institute, Stacy Lee, has written two helpful blogs to support our relationships during this stressful time.

In her first blog she raises our awareness of the normal struggles that we may face whilst in voluntary isolation (or in lock down) and offers tips on how to avoid these.  She also highlights the relationship gains that can come from working as a team

In this second one, Stacy offers 75 different ways to connect whilst staying at home with your partner (and family) over this time.  This article can be of great use with or without this crisis and gives you an opportunity to review your relationship connection skills.  Have some fun, great connection is good for our mental health and immunity so check this out here

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